Chicago's 1st Exchange Program for Tech Spaces

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Diverse Companies Make More Money

Diversity of thought, people and experiences creates more effective teams, better products, and more connected communities.


According to this report by McKinsey, it also creates a stronger bottom line, 15% stronger for companies that are gender diverse, and 35% stronger for companies that are ethnically diverse.

What Is The techXchange™ Program?

techXchange™ is Chicago’s 1st exchange program for members of technology incubators and co-working spaces. techXchange™ is a free program that allows members of techX partner spaces to work out of other member spaces for 7 days each month.

Creating A Collaboration City

In Chicago's tech community, and in many other cities around the country and around the globe, there are too many silos.


It takes getting intentional about making diversity of thought, people and experiences a core focus for a city’s technology ecosystem to reach its full potential. The shift to diversity being an intentional part of the culture of a city’s “tech brand” is the foundational element of creating a “collaboration city.”

What is the Collaboration Pledge?

The collaboration pledge means that for 12 months, each incubator and co-working space that partners with us in the techXchange™ program will make a minimum of five (5) spaces available each month, for seven (7) consecutive days, for members of other spaces in the city that are part of the techXchange™ program to work out of their space.
The goal of techXchange™ is for the members who participate to meet new potential partners and team members, explore new areas of the city, see new spaces, and incite more collaboration throughout the entire ecosystem. Diversity starts with the small things – exposure being the lowest hanging fruit.
For each techXchange™ partner space, five (5) of their members will also work out of some other partner space(s) in the city for seven (7) days each month. At no additional cost to the member or the space, a membership in a techXchange™ partner space now comes with an exciting new benefit, a passport to see and work out of every technology space in the city.

Are you part of the leadership team of a tech incubator or co-working space in Chicago?

Are you a member of a tech incubator or co-working space in Chicago?

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